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21.06.2022 135
If an ancestor was a priest: specifics of search in Ukrainian archives

Most of us had ancestors who were peasants and they lived relatively stably in one place, but this is not […]

21.06.2022 75
Useful databases

We can often get much of the data we are looking for from available online search platforms. The main categories […]

21.06.2022 113
Search for documents on repression and repressed people in the archives of Ukraine

The repressive policy of the Soviet authorities is an acknowledged fact, which is repeatedly confirmed by scientific research and recollections […]

21.06.2022 234
Search for documents in the State Archives of the city of Kyiv

State Archives in the City of Kyiv – one of the key archival institutions in the capital. Archival files for the […]

12.05.2022 60
Where to look for ancestral data?

Genealogy research always involves working with different kinds of historical documents. Often, at the beginning of a search, we may […]

12.05.2022 89
What can be found in the registry office documents?

For most people, the registry office is the place of registration of certain events. However, we should not forget that […]

12.05.2022 406
How to start research of your family?

These days, interest in genealogy is actively growing and, accordingly, there are more and more people who want to research […]